Looking back in June. One month of “dynamic”, I noticed keeping thinking about running around.


Hello! Sorry for late post. I noticed that it’s difficult to continue writing a post even if it is only once a month. I took into skipping this month, but June was a good and important month for me, so please allow me to write about June now.

Last month(May), as a point of reflection in the review of May, I wrote a reflection that I had not been able to do as much as I had before my eyes, but in June I used reflections in June I kept thinking constantly, I spent my time consciously thinking about making customs going improving by making time to look back on a daily basis.

And in June, we worked on the following.

  1. Improve English skills
    • Increase time to attend a language school
    • Resume DMM English conversation
    • TED Talk Review
  2. Study about startup
    • Interview with those who support startup
    • Join startup event
  3. Change the environment
    • Moving
  4. Go to traveling
    • Sri Lanka Travel

It was a month of Feeling that both good points and disadvantages came out in June as it is also a strong point that it is a merit to move perpetually if we decide to move from long ago and to move thoroughly in such circumstances because we are too moved to understand the reason. Because it’s tough to look back on, I think I’ll briefly summarize each one.

Improve English skills

In June I consulted the president to take the work from noon and increased the time to take part in the language school classes to 4 hours doubling from the previous two hours. In addition, I resumed DMM English conversation that I had stopped since April, I started studying the word in commuting time and living a 30-minute speaking lesson with a lecturer every day at the end of the work. Also, when I was having a time, I started watching TED talks and reading my English articles and writing my impressions. This is due to the fact that I felt in my life in India in May or May “English does not improve much just by living abroad”, “communication with employees in the office can not be done well and the efficiency of work has declined In order to solve the problem of “It is an effort to try various things that English seems to grow anyway.

As I was looking for English for a month, I was hit by various barriers such as time management and motivation loss, but my problem of feeling resistance to reading English sentences and discussion skills in English and TOEIC I wanted to raise the score of my motivation to learn English became clear, finally the wasted part was omitted
1. Word learning for TOEIC using commuting time
2. Attended a discussion course at a language school
3. Leading learning using DMM English conversation daily news
It is stabilized by incorporating the three in everyday life, and I feel that conversation in the office has become possible more than before.

Consciousness to incorporate English into life

A big awareness in studying English was that “everyone with good English is studying continuously.” With this awareness, it was solved from the uneasiness that the end of “I do not have to study” which I felt for a while in learning English so far was solved, it was very good that the consciousness of incorporating English into a part of my life was born I feel it.

Study about startup

Since I was interested in IT startup in Bangalore for the time being, I decided to study while practically moving in June, I participated in the event “Startup Weekend” regularly held in Bangalore, and the event organizer I talked with you. Also, I got in touch with someone who was familiar with the startup that we met at another event before and talked about the startup in India and Bangalore.

I will tell you a lot of interesting content such as why startups are growing up in Bangalore, what start-ups are hot, what is the value of activities to support start-ups, etc. Once again, I will return to Bangalore startup fever I felt the height and I was really thrilled.

Notice what I want to do

However, the big awareness of listening to these stories was that the motivation for my startup was different from entrepreneurs. Recently thought of the reasons, the motivation of entrepreneurs is intrinsic, such as earning a lot of money and solving problems in front of you to improve society, while you I noticed that motivation was exogenous as “Startups are in hot Bangalore”. I feel like I want to improve society well, but it was not a start-up, but a strong feeling that I wanted to work in the form of research and education, was not my first motivation to start a business.

I think that not only myself but also foreign migrants and those who came to the city from rural areas may change things or actions that my goals or actions will change or become invisible as the environment has changed significantly. Of course, there are things that can only be done in a new environment, and I think that it is important to challenge it. However, as in this case in my case, it is a waste to waste time that actions are dominated by ideas such as “I am in ◯◯ because I am in ◯◯ so much” and it is not what I really want to do I felt that. I wanted to spend the rest of my study abroad while asking myself whether I really forgot the three axes of ‘English’, ‘Civic Tech’ and ‘Citizen Activities’ think. In addition, it gave me the opportunity to return at an early timing, increased my new knowledge, and I enjoyed it more than anything, so I felt it was not a waste in a month that I studied about startup.

Change the environment

Although I lived in India in April May, I lived near the office and lived only in occasional events and circle activities so I did not go out of the living area, so I will go outside and get to know India deeper So I moved to a shared house near the language school and started a joint life with an Indian college student.

The new share house is a popular shared house format called PG in India where two people or three people live together in a room with shower and toilet and morning and evening meals are prepared at the guest house side, It is a living environment close to the student dormitory in Japan. All meals are Indian cuisine, but at first, I was eating a meal that every guesthouse got out to adapt to Indian life. The Indian side also sleeps with the fan attached above the room fully open, but I endured it with patience to adapt to the life in India.

What you need to adapt to the new environment

What I learned from such a challenge was that living the same as local people is not to adapt to the life in the locality. In order to get used to India forcibly, I began to live the same life with Indians and after a week I broke my body and I could not do anything for about three days. Fortunately, we are in an environment where we can obtain medicine and so on so quickly that the Japanese people who dependable are also in surroundings because they are in a lot of circumstances did not come to cherish, but I remembered the people of the Chinese international students who were at the university while I was asleep. It was. Many students said their meals were Chinese food rather than Japanese food, and that they did not eat raw fish. However, I think that they are well adapted to the life in Japan. For these reasons, I realized that adapting to the new environment is not to adjust my life to the new environment, but to do self-management and to “energize” in a new environment.

After that, I ate breakfast for breakfast, eat lunch for myself in the office, eat at night and ask them to weaken the electric fan so that you can live without problem especially by creating an environment where you can live easily I feel that I am getting used to Indian life for a while. I learned that what is necessary for the new environment is not a strong physical body or patience strength but a culinary skill and bargaining power.

Go to travel

As the biggest regret last month, I gave “I did not travel”. Taking advantage of that reflection, I have been to the island country Sri Lanka which is located south of India for about 4 days this month for about 4 days. On the first half of the 2nd, we will go around tourist spots by bus with people currently participating in the basketball circle, delicious sake and cooking, beautiful beaches of local beer Lion Beer, Hikkaduwa, the beautiful city of world heritage Goal We enjoyed a vacation including view, shopping at Colombo. It was such a wonderful time that you had hospitality in Sri Lanka on the first two days.

And for the first two days, I was born and I went to the inland area by train aiming at Sigiriya Rock with sightseeing book as one journey. The second half of the second half is completely different from the first half, so negotiations with negotiations with taxi drivers, lost valuable items, arrival and departure information of transportation facilities on the Web I was baptized by Sri Lanka so much that it was unlike the information on 2 days and so on and it was time I was keenly aware of my weakness as to whether the 2nd trip cannot be done properly. But during such a hard time I was able to reach the top of Sigiriya rock safely while being assisted by many people, such as a bus driver, an aunt next to me, an old man sitting on the road. At that time, this scenery was shown by a lot of people, I was touched somewhat that I should not forget that I am alive while being supported by those people.

Size of what you get through a trip

Until now, there was not much motivation to say “sightseeing”, but through the tour of this trip you will notice the new aspect of the place and you will love the land and people, if you like it, I felt that I could connect and make new discoveries by studying, leading to the future ahead. Originally I came to India I did not intend to do sightseeing at all but I think I should make time alone during my internship.

Serious and polite Japanese

Also, I was surprised that there are many people who say that “Many people are serious, polite and like because I like them because they are helpful” by many people. In the past, there were many cases where the image of “overseas people” as “serious” or “polite” did not match with the image of myself or the Japanese inside themselves, which made us feel uncomfortable, sometimes ” It was sometimes to argue that it was not “and so on.” However, as I experienced being assisted by the “image of the Japanese people” who rebelled me this time, it is more important for me to be “serious and courteous Japanese” that the predecessors came up with hardships I really thought that I had to go there. It is a small thing since I came back to India, but I am keen to say thank you, clean up and help if anyone is in trouble.


Although I also wrote it in the beginning, in June I spent my time trying to “move” and improve. Looking back on it, I feel that I was able to do more efficiently or wastefully, but unlike May, there were a lot of things I noticed and improved by moving first. It may be important to stop thinking when you get lost, but it was a month that I realized again that it would be better to take a step forward and improve it if I could not find a solution.

By the way, if you notice, Indian life will be over half, remaining less than 3 months, it is time to think about how you can connect next America or after you study abroad. Based on those, I think that there are three things that I would like to achieve in the remaining study abroad life in India as below.

  • Enhance my English proficiency (Speaking at a level where you can discuss with 800 TOEIC points)
  • Brush up research contents (Local Civic Tech case and Fab Lab study)
  • Learn more about IT (Acquisition of the latest technology catch-up technique, communication-based on IT)

Considering these, I would like to spend my days remembering the habit of improvement that I acquired in June.