Adapted and started many things, but being passiveness in May

I look back on amazing this May. May was a so busy month because many of new things started around me and I started moving by myself too. I list them below.

On the way  going to the tech event

Task as Programmer

Ive worked as Engineer internship from last April. In April I have enough problems preparing developing environment and learning to start work(Of course, I have my hands almost full with them too😅), but from May, I started working as the programmer in earnest, so Im feeling responsibility more than April. I think my weak point is concentration and efficiency except for engineering skill and knowledge. I will try to overcome this and make time to study engineering in June.

We play street fighter after work

Language School

I’m embarrassed to tell you this but my biggest awareness from the activity in April was this…

Just living overseas, I cant improve English skill

(Definitely, it became stronger than before haha)

then, I started to go to the morning language school in Koramangala. I have to get up before 7 a.m to go to school, but my bad habit when I was a student of graduate school sometimes prevent me from going to school…

Fortunately, the sweet-templed teacher let me go to the evening class instead of morning class when I cant get up, and my fantabulistic always chat up me, so Im enjoying my school life. In addition, I feel as I were young again when I take a class👱‍♂️

I use ZoomCar, which is a startup business to go to the school

Basket Ball Club

 After entering the country, I kept breaking my body, during that time I noticed the importance of making healthy body. So, I entered the basketball club from May and I play basketball every Sunday. I really enjoy playing basketball surrounded by gentle members😆

…Excluding hard muscle pain on Monday😣

Self Cooking

I started self-cooking because I was be exhausted because of oil and masala and expenses of eating out. Since my senior at the company is a great Scheff, he often says,

This is wet garbage 😨

when he see my food. So, I m now facing to my dish seriously. Now, Im only half done, so I can only cut vegetables and bake it, but I will try to hand out Indian cuisine as soon as I get used to it.

This is Okonomiyaki, which is Japanese popular food

Sunday carpenter

I am working for a do-it-yourself exclusively on holiday. I am working hard to demonstrate the underlying strength of former college students.

Well, I think that it is likely that there will be a long way to go about this, so I can report various things again at a later date.



May was fulfilling. On the other hand, I am lazy about the current situation, reading books, talking with people, learning something, thinking, and thinking then doing output. As a result, the impression when I looked back at the end of the month was “I was busy.” In that respect, May was a month with many reflections. I did not go on a trip on account of being busy. Based on this failure, I think that in June I will not be busy with the things in front of me, keep thinking, time to look back on every day properly, and time to review the long-term schedule.

I made a plan of traveling every month until August, taking advantage of this reflection and I am going to go enjoying Indian life for the remaining 4 months without being busy due to busy!