Surprising experience in the first week in India

Hello, I’m Ohny! My commemorable first article is about “my surprising experience in the first week in India”. I only have been to sightseeing places like Hawaii or Hongkong, so this is the first time for me to go to a foreign country outside of tourist spots.That’ why I had been speechless for first 1 week since I arrived in India.

Wild Roads

When I arrived India, I was relieved to find that we can use Uber around the airport, so I climbed into the car soon to go to my new house. I wanted to think about today’s dinner in the car. However, good dinner idea did not come up to my mind because that is prevented by hard driving like a Mario Kart!!

In Japan, cars run thin space inside the white line, they follow, don’t overtake and reverse running. I noticed it’s not natural when I go out from Japan. Bangalore, where I will have stayed for six months is famous for technology and startups, but transport infrastructure cannot follow the explosion of the number of population. So, these traffic situations may be born. About 1 hour until I arrived the office, I was enjoying the drive and thinking that I had never experienced a passenger seat feeling such a life crisis.

But, surprisingly experience about wild road was not over by that. After I got to the house, I noticed that I have to cross the wild road on foot to go shopping. This action requires large courage to Japanese because, in Japan, we have strong weapons such as crosswalks and traffic light! Unfortunately, we cannot rely on these tools.

“Do I have to cross this two lanes road? I want to live more.”

While I was wandering around for 10 minutes or more, many local people crossed the road as a child’s play. So finally,  I ran at full power and crossed the road. That was so hard experience for me.

But two weeks spent from that time, it’s piece of cake for me 😉

Coexistence with animals

Although I had heard there are many animals, such as dogs or caws in India, I felt Big impression and strange when I found wild caws on the road. In addition, I surprised that people didn’t feed animals, they didn’t look protecting or worship them. They just treat animals like people. I thought this is a real coexistence.

Actually, I’m not good at animals, I don’t like cat cafe or dog cafe in Japan, so I had felt frightened and had avoided animals in the beginning.

But after two weeks later from that time, I can walk beside them freely. Maybe, hairs have grown in my heart 😉

Spicy foods

Many people seem to say that is nothing special, you are in India, but I didn’t think that there is such a lot spicy food in India. pasta and hamburger, sometimes, lemon juice is also spicy. I had thought there are many spicy foods in India, but I could not expect to live surrounded by such spicy foods! that’s why I had felt fun to discover new spicy tastes and suffering that I cannot escape from spice.

Regarding that, I noticed that one of the reasons for spicy is “Masala”. Masala is a spice often used for Indian food. If you are planning to come to India and not good at spicy food, I recommend to pull out Masala when you order something.

Strangely, however, I seemed to be adapting to Masala in the past two weeks. In the last week, I got stuck with the heat of the sun and tiring. At that time, my senior gave me a Masala as if to give Pocari Sweat. I was surprised and unwillingly eat. That was delicious and I recovered soon. Somehow, my weak consciousness to Masala disappeared in that time 😉

I think my surprising experiences are not different from tourists’ one. But I got over the various difficulty, especially hard stomach ache, I will have kept on challenging and make a lot of discovery!

Thank you very much for reading my article through to the end.


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